Welcome to Sharrow Cycling Club


Sharrow Cycling Club was established in 1887, making it the oldest cycling club in Sheffield still in existence.

Today we are a dynamic cycling club offering twice weekly club runs, trips, events and racing.

A typical club run ranges from 40 miles (Winter) to 70+ (Summer), so we expect a good level of fitness. Expect summer runs to take you further afield into less travelled areas, including classics such as the legendary ‘Four Counties’! Club runs are informal club runs where everyone is welcome including juniors. In order to attend club runs unattended juniors must seek permission from their parent/ guardian who must sign the club run attendance permission form.

As well as the regular Sunday runs, the club also organises cycling events, trips and socials. Interested? Then come along on a Sunday and give it a try.


The Sharrow Cycling Club, its members and officials adhere to the British Cycling Code of Conduct. By joining the club members agree to abide by this code. Full details of can be found on the British Cycling Website. 

Code of Conduct

February Round Up


Wednesday 1st 

Another good turn out with Paul, Pat, Colin, Dave, Steve, Fred, Tony, new rider Paul and myself meeting at Rivelin on a surprisingly mild morning after the dramatic weather of the past couple of weeks. We took a steady ride over Moscar then turned right for the quiet lane up to Thornhill. Back on the main road we rode to Bradwell and took a right turn up through the village, which woke up a few legs, before emerging back onto the main road where we quickly turned right for another short climb up Coplow Dale. We rode on through Tideswell where we turned off on a little lane that took us to Litton and a fast descent to the Yonderman cafe, not before a reckless chimney sweep overtook us in his van at some crazy speed on the downhill stretch. A brush with danger! 

After a good stop at the Yonderman cafe it was back through Eyam and up Padley (the group ignoring my suggestion of Curbar!) before a chinwag at Fox House and a speedy drop back to Sheffield. 

Sunday 5th 

Another good turnout at Whirlow with Pat, Phil, Colin, Paul, Dave, Mike, Tony, Steve and myself heading out past Fox House, down to Grindleford and Eyam. At Windmill Mike dropped straight down to the CourtYard cafe at Hope while the rest of us took the quiet top road, which is actually called Washhouse Bottom, then over Siggate with it’s tricky descent to Castleton. It should be mentioned that Pat broke his chain near Windmill and we all watched Paul’s chain mending masterclass. Roger met us at Hope. On the way back Roger headed up the Surprise. Dave and Paul returned over Moscar, while the rest of us rode back up New Road, under Stanage, past a couple training for a ride from Alaska to Argentina (now there’s an idea for a Summer trip!), and down Ringinglow Road back to Sheffield. 

Wednesday 8th 

A drizzly, foggy morning meant lots of WhatsApping about whether or not to go out. Paul, Dave, Fred, Colin, Tony and I turned up at Whirlow and set off into the fog over Fox House. We decided to abandon Tideswell as a destination and rode smartly down the Hope Valley to Castleton, hoping to try a new cafe. Unfortunately it was closed so we rode smartly back to the Courtyard cafe at Hope. An effort of will took us back out into the cold where we rode over Moscar, dropping off Dave on the way down.  Tony and I then introduced Colin to the delights of Lodge Lane, though I’m not sure how delighted he was. 


With snow falling just Tony and Colin turned up at the Norfolk Arms and made it to Beeley through the slush and snowfall. An abortive attempt was made on East Moor before a retreat to main roads and a return to Sheffield. 

Wednesday 15th 

Seven met at Rivelin – Mike, Fred, Kevin, Paul, Colin, Tony and Roger – and set off in the sunshine towards Moscar. However, on the other side of the hill we met the forecast fog and this got denser as we went out through Hathersage, Abney and Foolow. On the misty descent down to Monsall Head Mike punctured and we all doubled back eventually to either lend a hand or simply provide moral support. After blowing the new tube up twice only to have the unscrewed pump adaptor take out the valve – and all the air – Colin stepped in with his CO2 gas and it was “hey presto” in seconds.  Not to be outdone by Mike, Kevin also suffered a front flat when we left the Ashford Cafe, but found a nice bit of verge and a bus shelter to get things sorted in reasonable comfort. We returned to Sheffield via the Froggatt climb with just a little bit of rain in the air. 

Sunday 19th 

Another Whirlow start on a slightly milder day. Paul, Devon Steve, Tony, Colin, Phil and myself rode up towards Fox House in a slight drizzle then dropped down Froggatt to Calver Crossroads. A nice steady pace took us to Ashford, a quick stop at the bridge to check on the fish, then up to Over Haddon and the back lanes to Monyash. After the cafe stop it was back through Taddington, Tideswell, Eyam, Grindleford and Fox House. There was nothing dramatic to report, just a really nice ride, superb senery, good company, quiet weather and 48 miles under the belt. A lovely way to spend Sunday morning. 

Wednesday 22nd

Storm Doris was just winding up for a real show the following day but still managed a wild day for the Wednesday ride. Fred, Paul, Steve, Dave, Tony, John Lee, Colin, his son and I were just about blown off the road past Fox and were glad of the shelter of the trees as we abandoned Monyash as a destination and aimed for Beeley, after riding through Bakewell. After the cafe stop Paul, Dave, Tony and I rode back up the Hope Valley, called in on Pete’s workshop, before riding over Moscar. The others rode up Beeley Hill then were treated to a battle with the wind across East Moor and Owler Bar. 

Sunday 26th 

Dave, Mike, Tony, Paul, Steve, new Paul (could that be Runner Paul?) met at Whirlow for another slog up to Fox House into the wind. The drizzle faded away and we rode at a steady pace towards Castleton before starting the climb up the broken Mam Tor Road. The bench towards the top enabled the usual Sharrow Debating Society to meet, though nothing conclusive was decided. Along the windswept Rushop Edge Road runner Paul punctured so we stood in the cold as the wind ripped through us before, with mended tyre, we all made it to the No Car cafe. Endless refills of coffee make this a favourite stopping point and we left, heading towards Peak Forest and then the climb up to the left turn over Tideswell Moor. The wind was now behind us and the menacing black clouds were chasing us along. Mike turned off to return via Eyam. Steve, new Paul and I headed up Burbage while Paul, Dave and Tony took their chances over Moscar. 

15 February: Seven met at Rivelin – Mike, Fred, Kevin, Paul, Colin, Tony and Roger – and set off in the sunshine towards Moscar. However, on the other side of the hill we met the forecast fog and this got denser as we went out through Hathersage, Abney and Foolow. On the misty descent down to Monsall Head Mike punctured and we all doubled back eventually to either lend a hand or simply provide moral support. After blowing the new tube up twice only to have the unscrewed pump adaptor take out the valve – and all the air – Colin stepped in with his CO2 gas and it was “hey presto” in seconds.  Not to be outdone by Mike, Kevin also suffered a front flat when we left the Ashford Cafe, but found a nice bit of verge and a bus shelter to get things sorted in reasonable comfort. We returned to Sheffield via the Froggatt climb with just a little bit of rain in the air. 



January Round Up


Wednesday 4th: We started the New Year on yet another sunny winter day, with skies clearing as nine of us – Mike, Paul, Roger, Fred, John L, Pat, Tony, Kevin and new rider Phil – left Whirlow for a roundabout route to Eyam. After the Froggatt descent we turned right in Baslow and took the back route to Hassop, where, embolden by New Year resolution, we headed straight up the hill that we usually try to avoid. At Monsall Head and still keen to get climbing in 2017, instead of heading up the main road, we dropped down into Monsall Dale and Upperdale and enjoyed the quiet climb back up to the main road with sunlight streaming through the winter trees. Then we crossed White Rake to Foolow and then Eyam, where our usual cafe stop being closed, we crossed the road, parked our bikes and went into the Tea Rooms, where the large table we needed was being vacated by a CTC group (UK Cycling). Service was slow but friendly and the fire was warm. When we eventually took leave, the wind had freshened and the temperature dropped as we descended to Grindleford. However, everyone warmed up as things got more serious on the strung out climb to Fox House. A great start to 2017! 

Sunday 15th 

After a week of  ice, snow and high winds I was determined to go out even though the forecast was awful and I woke to rain lashing against the windows. At Whirlow, Devon Steve and his friend Andy were there, as was Tony and Phil. The wind and rain gave us a good slog up to Fox House then a descent of Froggatt, to wet the parts not already wet, lead to Baslow, Pilsley and a drop to Bakewell for a welcome coffee. All our will power couldn’t stop the rain so we set off, cold and wet, into a headwind that threw more rain at us. Finally, as we reached Fox House after climbing from Grindleford, the rain eased a little and, by the time I arrived home, there were even glimmers of blue sky. Looking back, from the comfort of the armchair, it was good fun. I think! 


Sunday 22nd 

Your dozy club secretary sat alone at Whirlow wondering where everyone was, set off alone and found the group who had met, as the diary said, at Ringinglow, on the main road up to Fox House. A freezing descent of Froggatt meant we raced along to Baslow to get warm. Just past Chatsworth the sleet came down so we abandoned Ashford and dived into the cafe at Beeley with its welcoming log fire. When the sleet stopped we rode on down to the A6 and up to Bakewell. A good ride up through Hathersage and over Moscar ended the ride. Temperatures hovered around zero with lows of minus two. Paul, Pat, Dave, Tony, Steve, new rider Colin and myself out. 


Wednesday 25th: Double figures again, counting Roger N, who we met at the Ashford cafe. The other nine were Paul, Kevin, Fred, Steve S, Tony, Pat, Roger D, John L and new rider Colin. We left Whirlow on another crisp, sunny, winter day and climbed over the top and down to Froggatt, from where we headed for Rowsley via Baslow and Chatsworth. We then returned to Ashford along the A6, where those fancying themselves as “rouleurs” could get going. After tea cakes almost all round (with the exception of Fred), we were back on the bikes in warming sunshine, returning to Sheffield via Monsall Head, Hassop, Carver and a return trip up the Froggatt climb, except for John, who headed towards Grindleford in search of something more suited to his climbing abilities. 


Sunday 29th 

Five riders, Steve, Paul, Pat, Colin and Tony braved the icy roads to meet at Rivelin. They made it  to Tideswell before returning safely to Sheffield. Described as a “good, crisp ride”. 


Sun & Wed November & December Round Up’s


What with the weather and various things happening I seem to have missed a few rides over November and December so the round ups for the two months may seem a little thin. I hope it nevertheless gives a flavour of some of the club late autumn and winter outings. 

November Round Up;

Sunday 13th 

Steve, Tony, Pat, John and Kevin set off from the Roundhouse and headed for Eastmoor and the cafe at Beeley. It was a beautiful crystal clear morning and, with little wind, Pat showed he is recovered from his injuries as he lead us at a good pace up to Fox House and across to Owler bar. It was nice to get off the main road as we headed onto the lanes across East Moor before dropping into Beeley which was packed with cyclists, and where we also met Roger Newcombe and Peter Collins. We rode back through Chatsworth which was busy with its Christmas Fair. Pat suffered a puncture unbeknown to Steve, Tony and Kevin who ploughed on through a muddy path to Baslow then rode to Hathersage and home via Burbage. Kevin, I’m ashamed to say, held the peleton back considerably. The others returned over Owler Bar after mending the puncture. The moral seems to be be – don’t talk about punctures at the cafe, which we did, and look what happened. 

Sunday 27th 

Another chilly morning, and gathering at Whirlow were Kevin, Paul, Dave, Tony and Mike. We decided on a route over to Froggatt, down to Baslow, across to Ashford and on to Bakewell. The downhill, no pedalling race on the Froggatt road was won by Paul, I think. The lovely scenic road across to Hassop was a minor joy while the pull up the hill behind Hassop proved that none of us had a hidden motor. After feeding the fish at Ashford we rode onto Bakewell where we fed ourselves and were joined by Roger Newcombe, not on his new bike as he didn’t want to get the new tyres dirty, and by John Collins. The traffic out of Bakewell was so awful that we headed back to Ashford then to Hassop, and a varied speed up Froggatt, which turned into a friendly rivalry with the CTC fast crew. 

December Round Up;

Sunday 4th 

A big turnout at Norfolk Arms. Paul, Steve Allot, Steve Harrop, Pat, Mike, Pete, Kevin, Dave, Tony as well as guest appearances from Andy and Rob. It was a beautiful day but so cold with a biting Eastery wind blowing. The peleton was spread asunder by the climb up Abney. Mike and Pat then opted for a more direct route to the cafe at Asford while the rest of us headed for Tideswell where a driver attempted to wipe out the whole group. The climb out from Millers Dale tore the group apart again but we joined together at the top for a thrilling ride down the main road to Ashford where we joined Pat and Mike before John arrived on his own. The group split up for the ride back to Sheffield and I found myself in the wrong group and subjected to a lung bursting pursuit up Froggatt. Great fun but, blimey, it was hard at times! 

Wednesday 14th 

Christmas dinner ride! A big gang set off from Whirlow and took a rambling route through Chatsworth and Youlgreave to work up an appetite for lunch. We arrived at 12 o’clock and soon settled down to a three course meal with crackers, silly jokes and paper hats. After an hour or two an extra heavy peleton set off back to Sheffield, dreading the slog up Froggatt with full stomachs. Some riders still raced it and hopefully got tummy cramps for their trouble! Thanks to Roger for organising the meal and thanks to the cafe at Ashford for looking after us. 

Wednesday 21st 

A bleak morning with rain threatening so a good turn out at the Norfolk Arms: Paul, Pat, Dave(with a cold), Mike, Tony, Steve, Fred and I set off under dark skies and into a chilly wind. Pat lead us up to Fox House and the Surprise bend, after which Fred took the bit between his teeth and lead us 

through to Edale, dropping off Dave to return home and Mike at the Courtyard cafe along the way. At Edale we turned and raced back to to the cafe, dropping riders, like me, along the way. 

Paul took up the baton after the stop and flew along to Bamford then Ladybower and up Moscar where we arrived in dribs and drabs. The pain finished with Steve, Tony and I climbing Lodge Lane. A good workout to build an appetite before Christmas. 

Monday 26th Boxing Day. 

Just Paul and I managed to turn out on a very windy day. The ride up to Moscar was a hard, hard slog into the wind. At the top we were both blown off the road as gusts from the sides battered us. Another hard slog along the valley took us to the cafe at Hope for a welcome coffee. We swept back towards Hathersage at 25 mph, blown along by the gale before Paul suggested a return up Coggers. Fortunately the wind blew us up most of the way but gusts sweeping over Burbage Moor had us wobbling all over the road. A very exciting ride to work off the Christmas pudding. 

Wednesday 28th 

Last club ride of the year and Tony, John Lee, new rider Phil and myself set off from Whirlow in cold bight sunshine. We rode through freezing fog over Fox House before dropping into sunshine in the Hope Valley. A cold dash along the valley and then we warmed up climbing through Bradwell to Tideswell Crossroads and a quick descent to the Yonderman at Wardlow. After warming up we returned through Eyam and up Froggatt under a cloudless sky. A beautiful day to finish the year.

September Round Up


Sunday 4th

It was a blustery and rainy morning so it was good that 7 riders turned up at Whirlow for the trip to Tideswell. Kevin,  Devon Steve, Tony, Paul, Roger and his young neighbour Lewis, and another Dave who was trying us out for the first time. It was a slog into wind and rain up to Fox House then, after dropping to Grindleford, another slog up to Eyam and across to Tideswell, passing a group from Phoenix as we hurried to beat them to the cafe.

We returned via the top road above Windmill with the wind behind us, help up slightly by a convoy of vintage tractors bumbling along the lanes. A wind assisted dash along the valley to Hathersage and a last effort up Burbage with the rain accompanying us most of the way took us back to Sheffield. A short day but it hard enough in the weather.

Wednesday 7th

Five of us – Paul, Kevin, Fred, Tony and Roger – met at Tony Butterworth’s, where we had a chat wth current owner Henry before setting off up Fox Hill and past Greno Wood towards Wortley, before which we turned down to the River Don and then headed up to Green Moor and over the hill to the polka-dotted cafe at Langsett, where another great summer day allowed us to sit out in the sunshine with out lattes, americanos and flat whites. Suitably refreshed, we returned via the Strines road, which, if it wasn’t for those hills, would now be an absolute joy to ride, the road surface is so smooth. Thank you to all Sheffield’s future council tax payers!  At Moscar we turned off the A57 and did just one more short hill before enjoying the uninterrupted downhill glide behind Hollow Meadows and Rivelin Rocks to rejoin the A57 at Rivelin Bridge. A really good ride: not long but testing.,

Sunday 11th

A chilly but bright early Autumn day found Paul, Tony, Kevin, second time out rider, Dave and new rider, Simon assembled at Ringinglow and we set off for the No Car cafe. We rode out to Eyam in the sunshine with a cold descent to Grindleford. We kept a steady pace to Tideswell then a steep pull up the Wheston Road to be rewarded with spectacular views on the way to Peak Forest. A short, steep pull up the hill lead to the cafe. After a good break we struggled up to the Rush Up Road and then into Edale. We bowled down the road to Hathersage before a pull in the, now warm, sunshine past Fox House and back to Sheffield.

Wednesday 14th

Just three out today. Paul, Tony and Kevin met at Whirlow, and time constraints meant we decided on Tideswell so it was up to Fox House, down to Grindleford and up to Eyam. We kept quite a good pace and the day did its best to be warm with the sunshine breaking through as we headed for Monsal Head and a drop down before a climb up Cressbrook. Kevin was last up the hill and was glad to get to the cafe in Tideswell where the owner of the cafe insisted we stay in to avoid the ferocious wasps lurking in the sunshine outside.

A quick descent to Bradwell and on towards Bamford where Paul and Kevin headed over Moscar while Tony kept going towards Fox House. Probably one of the last warm days of September for riding so now we look forward to autumn and whatever that might bring.

Wednesday 28th

An incredibly windy day meant that even getting to the Norfolk Arms was a fight so we abandoned plans for the No Car cafe cafe and elected for a ride down Edale. We struggled past Fox House and, once in the valley at Hathersage, easier riding took us to Hope and a turn up towards Edale. At the end of the valley we turned onto the tiny lane that leads to Upper Booth and the start of Jacob’s Ladder. This is a really lovely alternative and one we could do more often. The views at the end of the road are stunning and well worth the trip.We returned to the Penny Pot at Edale for a cafe stop then chased a coach back to Hope before riding to Grindleford and up Padley with a welcome tail wind. Fred, John, Paul, Steve and Kevin out.


August Round Up


Wednesday 3rd

Kevin, Dave, Paul, Fred, Mike and John met at the Beauchief Hotel and were joined by pro-spective members Steve and Tony for the ride to Ashford via Baslow, Hassop, the Long-stones and Monsal Head. Peter Collins joined us at the cafe stop, and Roger arrived from his appointment with a plumber just in time to turn round and join the return to Sheffield. A very steady climb of Froggatt – thanks for setting the pace Mike, at a speed that allowed conversation to continue – was followed by just a little rain, but nothing serious. Ex-member Adam Stacey – looking lean and fit – caught up his dad and the rest of us at Ringinglow.

Sunday 7th

Another good turn out with Paul, John, Mike, Tony, Gordon, Kevin and Steve heading for Cromford. Another windy day so we dropped down to Baslow and then to Bakewell via Pilsley. Winster Bank was swiftly dealt with before a flat out race down Via Gelica to arrive in Cromford. John pointed us up the hill to Crich for our return journey and after struggling to the top we were rewarded with fantastic views and a blustery tail wind for most of the journey back to Sheffield.

Wednesday 10th

John, Paul, Mike, Steve, Tony and Kevin met at Ringinglow on another bright and breezy morning. Derbyshire are resurfacing their roads and spreading loose grit all over the place so we were plagued with bits of grit getting caught in brakes. Still, we made it up Abney then through Grindlow to Foolow and across to Monsal Head. Mike by then, as he was tapering towards the North Yorks weekend, dropped straight down to the cafe at Wardlow to meet Roger. Kevin was the last to arrive at the cafe as he had the narrowest clearances and so spent most time picking grit from his brakes and wheels. We returned through Eyam and Grindleford where most returned up Padley while Paul and Kevin made their way through Hathersage and up Moscar before turning off and enjoying the views on the return through Dungworth and Stannington.

Wednesday 17th

Nine riders, Fred, Roger D, Roger N., Steve H. Steve A. Salcombe Steve, Tony, Mike, and John set off from Meadowhead for Edwinstowe in bright, cloudy but mild conditions. Following a route through Spinkhill to Worksop, Clumber Park and Budby to the cafe at Edwinstowe. After lunch Roger N., John and Mike decided to follow a different route home from the one suggested by Roger. Aided by the now hot sunshine and slight tailwind, both groups converged at the foot of the climb up to Marsh Lane. Those seeking KOM points pushed on and we all regrouped at the summit. A 60 mile plus ride for most but John would like to claim the highest mileage by the time he’d returned to Lodge Moor. Sunday 21st

Three riders (Steve, Tony and Kevin) turned up on a windy and showery morning at Tony Butterworths. It seemed too wild and windy to go over the tops to Holmfirth so we headed to Emley moor into a fierce and tiring headwind, with blustery showers making life just a bit more difficult. A near miss with joggers running across the road on a narrow descent was a bit heartstopping. Eventually we found our way to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where we mixed coffee and culture. A hilly return via Cawthorne, Silkstone and Wortley took us back into Sheffield and the end of a tough old day.

Wednesday 24th

It was great to see Sean back in the saddle, joining seven more of us at Rivelin Bridge – Mike, John, Paul, Tony, Fred, Dave and Roger. Sean is still as strong as ever, proving again

that it’s not about the bike (or the shorts you wear). Organisationally, this was a classic Shar-row ride. After arriving at Ladybower a group of four, who shall be nameless, failed to no-tice that the three back markers had ridden through and past them, and instead waited be-hind and then divided in search of the “phantom three”. The upshot was lots of waiting around and missed phone calls, and we didn’t all get together again until after the stops in Tideswell – in two separate cafes! We did, however, manage to rendez-vous with Roger N and Peter C, giving the Vanilla Kitchen another chance. It’s a little expensive, and there was a bit of fussing about having no change, but we all came round in the sun to the quality of the tea cakes, scones and coffee, and the lady of the house did agree to post up and display our club flyers. More copies could be dropped off in their “I for Information” room if we want. Dave returned early via Moscar. The rest of us went back via Eyam and Grindelford – the link road is now being repaired after the land slip – and we all then tried, unsuccessfully, to keep up with Tony on the climb past Padley Gorge to Fox House.

Sunday 28th

Kevin, Tony and Steve turned up at Whirlow and with dubious looking weather, we decided to head for the No Car Cafe. We crossed over Burbage in a drizzle mist before dropping into Hathersage and clearing skies. We rode and walked up the MamTor broken road before a ride along the Rush Up road to drop down to the cafe. Along Perry Dale an irate motorist used some strong language to tell us what we should do when we asked him to slow down.

Lovely views through Wheston before dropping down through Tideswell and Eyam to a final climb from Grindleford. An unpromising day weather wise turned into a good ride.

Wednesday 31st

Eight were out for the 90 km return trip to Cromford Mill cafe – Dave, Kevin, Sean, Steve, Tony, Fred, Paul and Roger. We lost Sean on the way out, as he headed off through Baslow and Chatsworth whilst the rest of us went through Bakewell, up Winster Bank and down the Via Gellia, just tarred and stone chipped, unfortunately, in Derbyshire’s cheap and cheerful approach to road maintenance. Using his inbuilt satnav, Sean found us for the return trip – up through Starkholmes, a hard climb straight after the cafe stop, and on through Tansley to regain the ridge route back over Eastmoor. It was good to have the strong wind behind us here and back to Owler Bar.

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Helmsley Weekend 13/14 August


An early start from Sheffield meant we were away on our bikes from Helmsley Youth Hostel soon after ten in the morning. The road gradually climbed till we reached Blakey Bank for a long haul to the top of the moors. Mike had a mechanical on the this stretch and rode the rest of the weekend on three gears, and has never ridden better! We dropped into Danby for lunch at the National Park Centre then climbed back over the moors with fantastic views to the coast and over to Fylingdales. A long descent took us to another cafe stop at Hutton Le Hole where we sat in the sunshine, before a last slog into a fierce headwind along the main road back to Helmsley.

After excellent food and as much sleep as you can get sharing a room with 5 other snoring blokes we set out for the second stage of the tour. Flat roads down pleasant country lanes took us to Malton where we found a gloomy cafe which we were all glad to leave. The road rose gradually into the Howardian Hills gently opening lovely views, past Castle Howard and onto a proper country tearoom in the village of Terrington. After a leisurely stop we carried on with a couple of nasty little uphill shocks at Danby and then, just before Helmsley, Oswaldkirk Bank where Mike was heard to use the f word to describe banks.

A swift descent to Helmsley as the sun shone ended the weekend.

Thanks to Mike, Steve, Roger, Fred, John and Tony for making  a great weekend.


June Round Up

 Wednesday and Sunday Rides;
My computer with my notes on rides this month is poorly so what follows is more an impression of what my fairly incompetent memory can dig up. (This never happened with pen and paper.)
The first Wednesday run of the month was to Cawthorne. Mike, John, Paul, Fred and Kevin met at TB’s and hauled ourselves over Grenoside and Green Moor to drop into Penistone where a bit of quick map reading took us on some quiet roads and a long descent to Cannon Hall in Cawthorne. Elbowing our way through crowds of Barnsley pensioners (the deadliest type)we ordered food in the very good café. We returned through Silkstone where we stopped to look at the poignant monument to the children killed in a 19th century mining disaster. It was up and down all the way to Hillsborough with its horrible traffic, but nice weather and a good ride.
The Wednesday of the programmed ride to Retford was a typical Summer’s day. It was raining. However, John, Paul and Kevin turned up to meet a new rider who was coming out for the first time. We showed him the flexibility of club plans by not going to Retford. We headed instead to Holmesfield and Owler Bar. The rain eased a little so we kept bi-passing café’s until we got to Hope where we stopped for coffee and then returned in drizzle to Sheffield via Fox House.
On Sunday the 19th new rider Gordon met us at Ringinglow along with Mike, John, Paul, Kevin, Steve, Andy and Rob. The plan was Longnor, and that is where we went. A cool morning took us down Froggatt, over to Pilsley and Bakewell, then Over Haddon where the elders reminisced about long gone cafes. After Monyash we mixed with Eroica riders in their funny clothes and odd bikes. I mean, us old men in tight lycra are cool, right! We dropped into Longnor for a coffee and cake stop before returning up Death Valley!!! And onto Tideswell and Eyam where hordes of Eroica riders clogged the streets. Great to see them all out.
The Wednesday ride to Hulme End went to, you’ve guessed, Beeley. Another new rider, Dave, came out. It was trying to be Summer so we headed down Froggat to Bakewell where Mike and John took the scenic ride down the A6 to Beeley while Dave, Paul, Roger and Kevin rode up behind Bakewell to Conkesbury and Youlgreave before descending to Rowsley and a quick dash to the café at Beeley where we sat out in the sunshine which was almost warm.We rode up the hill behind Beeley in a very civilised, steady manner before returning over East Moor to Sheffield.
I was struggling to remember what happened on the ride to Hartington on Sunday 26th but then remembered I was in London that weekend. Consequently found out that a group made it to Hartington but then spent all their savings on a very expensive pub snack in the village.
The last ride of the month was supposed to be from Beauchief to Stanton in the Peak. The rain started at about 9.30 and belted down for most of the day. Well done to Paul for going out and getting a soaking.
Race Report;

Unfortunately June’s racing has been influenced by the horrendous weather we have been having, with most riders choosing safety over racing in most cases.

First a round up of the N.M.R.R.L results:

Pete: 4th and 9th  (A)

Graham:  4th (B)

Steve: 12th (C)

On the 23rd  Pete managed 5th in a lumpy circuit over at the Lincs League RR.

On the 25th Jack came 3rd at Darley Moor circuit races after mistiming an attack to catch the leading rider.

June saw three Sharrow casualties in David, Steve and Brett in three different events. David came off the worst with a broken collarbone after another rider committed an act of foul play against him. In fact all the crashes were caused by a disregard for fellow races. Unfortunately this has been on the rise recently and if not addressed will damage the levels of participation in races; after all people are racing just to have fun and enjoy riding bikes. I’m sure everyone reading will wish a swift recovery to all three members!

May Round Up


Sunday 1st

Paul, Mike and I met at Whirlow for the first of the  nine o’clock starts. We decided to head for Bakewell via East Moor but strong cold winds on the way over to Owler Bar Bar convinced us that dropping down to Baslow and then through Chatsworth was a better option. The customary burn up along the A6 took us to the Lime Lounge where we met Peter Collins the Elder and Roger Newcombe. Peter went off to Ashford while the rest of us returned via Froggatt where we were overtaken by Peter the younger in a fast moving group that Paul and I tried valiantly but hopelessly to catch and latch onto.


Another Bakewell day. Paul, Roger D and I met at Rivelin. We rode through Thornhill, onto Bradwell then up to Copwell Dale, Tideswell and Monsal Dale to Taddington where we had a freewheel race down the main road to Bakewell. It was beautifully sunny but with a strong chilly wind that we always seemed to be heading into no matter which direction we were going. We rode back down the thirteen bends then up Froggatt at a reasonable pace for a change.

Sunday 8th

Paul, Andy, Rob, Steve and I met at Rininglow on a beautiful warm and sunny morning. We decided to go to the no-car cafe. We rode over Rininglow and then up the Abney road before riding into Tideswell and Wheston before the ride up the steep hill to the cafe. We rode up the horribly steep hill to Rush Up Edgeand then over Mam Nick before a chase down Edale. At Bamford some rode back over Fox House while Paul and I headed over Moscar to end one of the hottest days of the year so far.

Wednesday 18th

Roger turned up on his own on a wet Wednesday and went for a short ride in the rain

Sunday 22nd

A new rider, Robbie turned up to join Andy, Rob, Steve, Mike and myself for a ride to Stanton where we had been recommended the village pub for a good meal. We rode to Bakewell then up over the back through Conksbury to Youlgreave and on to Middleton before what was described as an agricultural road to Elton. We then road over an incredibly steep and slippery hill to Birchover before arriving at Stanton to find the pub closed. We dropped down to Rowsley and on to Beeley where we sat in the sunshine before a ride back through Chatsworth,

Wednesday 25th

A cold drizzly morning found me on my own at Beauchief. I rode over to Baslow then onto Pilsley, Great Longstone, Monsal Head, down to Cressbrook and back through Bradwell and over Moscar. It was never wet enough to pack it in but it was cold like a March day.

Sunday 29th

John, Mike and I met at a chilly Whirlow with a promise from John, wearing shorts, that it would warm up. A lovely ride through Ashford where we stopped to admire the cricket ground and the fish took us on to Monyash where John’s words came true and we sat in the cafe courtyard basking in warm sunshine.

Finally, a couple views that John set the Wednesday/Sunday WhatsApp group to identify. Can you identify the views. Answers on a postcard to John.

May race reports by Jack Ward

Darley Moor 8th of May: Pete and Jack were racing in lovely 20 degree plus weather which made a nice change to the cold and windy conditions normally experienced. The racing was fast with a few brakes going clear but none being able to stick. Pete and Jack were were active during the race both chancing down and attempting to get away. Ultimately a small group got a away and the Sharrow were left to contest the bunch sprint. This didn’t go so well with two riders colliding and forcing Jack onto the grass but Pete managed to swerve and finish 11th.

Darley Moor 14th of May: just Jack racing this time. The racing was again fast with little brakes going as a few teams were determined to get a bunch sprint. Seeing this Jack elected to avoid trouble and wait for the sprint. Jack finished 7th in the sprint,  just fading a bit in the final few meters after attacking with 500m to go.

Brett had been busy flying the flag at midweek races competing at York on the 17th,25th and 31st of May, and at Blyton on the 18th – finishing 5th,9th ,5th and 11th respectively.

Overall a lighter month of racing than recent months (excluding Brett who has been very active), though it feels like we are becoming the Peter Sagan of cycling teams with no win yet this season. We are recharged and ready to hit the business end of the season, hard and with vigour.

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Belgium May 2016



Our first little worry was that the boat broke down before we had even set off from Hull. We left a couple of hours late with the announcement that we would arrive nearly an hour behind schedule in Zeebrugge. There seemed nothing to do but eat as much as possible in the buffet restaurant. No-one matched Sean’s long standing record of six puddings at one sitting, but I don’t think anyone lost weight over the weekend.

Saturday morning dawned windy and chilly as promised. We left with the wind behind us and, after a few minor diversions, were soon rolling along the canal side towards Brugge, with the wind at our backs and grey clouds rushing overhead .

Our party of eleven quickly reached the outskirts of Bruge where Roger, with the lady from Google Maps whispering directions in his ear, took us round the outskirts of the city.

It was lovely to see so many people of all ages, wearing their ordinary clothes with scarcely a crash helmet in sight, using bikes as a perfectly normal way of travelling. It was wonderful to see a middle aged woman on a sit up and beg bike with flowers in her panniers overtaking us on one of the bike lanes. At one point a little old lady on her traditional bike lead the mighty, lycra clad Sharrow peleton through parts of the city. We should have made her an instant honorary member.

It was clear that after our late start and with the prospect of heading back to the port in a strong headwind we weren’t going to make it to Ghent, so after a lovely ride alongside the canal we turned into the small town of Alter for lunch. We found a busy cafe in the central square where we ate well and prepared for the return journey.

As we pushed northwards into the wind, the rain came down and we settled in for a long slog back to the boat. The rain eased and we we soon arrived at Bruges where we went into town and sat outside a cafe in the chilly sunshine. A massive number of waffles and chocolate sauce and cream were devoured before the sailing deadline forced us back on our bikes for the last leg to Zeebrugge. A fierce north wind had us trying to shelter behind each other, and our slow progress forced Pete and Graham to go ahead to stop the ship from sailing without us. I punctured a few miles from the port. Steve kindly helped me mend the puncture after which sheer panic at the thought of missing the boat forced us into battering ourselves back to the ferry.

We all made it, though Sarah’s chain gave up the ghost as she entered the terminal. Back on board there was nothing to do but shower, relax then attack the buffet as only a group of hungry cyclists can.

Thanks to Pete for organising a great weekend, thanks to Roger for his navigation and thanks to everyone for making it a great social event.

April Round Up


April has been a month when Winter really wouldn’t go away, with bright cold days and snow peppering the routes.
The first Sunday of the month saw Paul,Mike and myself ride out towards Crich, meeting Pete Stoney on the way. However due to illness and a lack of fitness we made for Beeley dropping out of the chilly wind on East Moor
Dave Paul and I met at Whirlow on Wednesday 6th and decided to hide from the strong winds by going to Hope via Eyam. As we approached Eyam the hail and rain came down so we stopped for coffee before riding on to Hope where we stopped for more coffee then returned over Moscar where the remains of my cold forced my legs to slow to crawling pace.
On Sunday 6thPaul, Peter Faucett and I met at Whirlow on very quiet closed roads preparing for the Sheffield Marathon. A Caribbean drum band accompanied us a we sat by the bus stop. We rode off three abreast on the main road, over to Hassop where we turned up the hill to great Longstone and Monsal Head. We dropped into the valley and climbed out via Cressbrook and then on to Tideswell and Miller’s dale to Taddington. Over the top we then carried on past the old Magpie Mine and dropped down to the Lime Lounge in Bakewell. We returned back via Baslow and Froggat. A chilly but beautiful sunny spring day.
The next Wednesday saw Paul, Mike, Fred, Dave and I meet at Beauchief. Roger Newcombe set off ahead of us heading towards Bonsall. Steve Harrop met us at Totley as we rode up to Owler Bar and then on to East Moor. Fred and Mike turned off back through the Caldwell Valley while the rest of us carried on to Crich where we dropped down to Cromford followed by a tough climb up to Bonsall where Roger sat in the sun waiting for us. We had a lazy hour in the Sun after what had been a pacey ride. Eventually we got going, carrying on up the hill and back down Winster bank before a dash along the main road to Bakewell. At Calver we met John and Peter Collins sitting in the sun. Another welcome rest before Paul, Dave and I carried on to Pete’s workshop to order and pay for new club jerseys followed by a weary ride home in the Spring sunshine.
On Sunday the 16th Paul and Tim rode out from Rivelin to Tideswell and on to The Yonderman then Ashford. They rode back via Baslow and Froggatt.
Roger was back from Oz mid-month and headed out on the 20th with “day 4” jet lag to join Dave, Paul, Fred, John Kevin and Steve at Ringinglow on the beautiful, crisp morning that only England can deliver. After cyclo-crossing up the Mam Tor climb and then 10 minutes for reflection on the “thinking bench”, Steve led the usual burn up along Rush Up Edge to see who could be first into the No Car cafe. Once inside we found Peter Collins already waiting for us and tucking into his cooked breakfast. We returned via Perrydale and Bradwell Moor to the Hope Valley, where John and Steve pealed off leaving the rest of us to climb over Moscar where we bid “Buen viaje” to Dave off for another three months cycling under the Spanish sun.
On the last Sunday of the month we met at Ringinglow and the group included Paul, Mike, Fred, Andy, Roger, Steve and myself. Another bright but cold morning. We decided to ride out by Fox House, down to Grindleford, through Eyam and up to Foolow where Mike and Fred rode directly to Tideswell while the rest of us rode to Monsal and up Cressbrook to meet up at Tideswell. We then all rode back through Eyam and up Padley. Nice ride.
The last Wednesday ride of April felt more like mid-January, a very crisp and sunny morning, but followed by sleet and snow in the afternoon as we found our way back to Sheffield from Edwinstowe, staring ahead at a very threatening sky. Five of us- Paul, Fred, Mike, Kevin and Roger- set off from Meadowhead following the usual route to Worksop via Harthill and Thorpe Salvin, before heading South past Sherwood Forest to an excellent cafe stop at the craft centre in Edwinstowe. From there Roger tried using his phone, headphones and Google maps to get us back through unknown territory to our familiar return route via Clowne, with reasonable success other than when a passing lorry drowned out our female companion. That shouldn’t be a problem on the canal side routes of Belgium, where we’ll give it another go, just in case we can’t find a friendly, english speaking local when we’re looking lost.


Race reports for April 2016 by Jack Ward

Dishforth #1: on one of the few pleasant days this April Jack was racing at Dishforth airfield. The race was swift at a 25 m/h average speed,  uneventful in terms of breaks but on the 2nd to last lap a group of two  went away and due to lack of cohesion among the peloton they stayed away to the finish. Jack managed to get the jump on the peloton from 200m out from the finish and held the others off to finish 3rd!

York Student Races #3 and #4: Brett was racing these two and finished 3rd and 5th respectively.

Dishforth #2: David was racing in the fourth cat race in wet and windy conditions. He tried to get away a few times but the conditions made it hard to get a gap. The race came down to a bunch sprint with David finishing 5th which moved him up to third cat.

Barton RR: resident Sean Kelly impersonator Brett, braved the snow and rain to race the 28 mile event. The organisers nearly called the event off on the second lap due to the horrific conditions but the race continued. Brett finished 4th and said “he had never seen so many men on the brink of tears in the changing rooms” but to Brett being cold is just a decision!

Harvey Hadden circuit races #2: Brett, Jack and Pete were racing in the 3/4. The new circuit proved to be fast with a few technical corners. Jack tried to make a move on the first lap but nobody came with him and was absorbed a lap and a bit later. The race remained together until the hail, snow and rain came with about 10 laps to go. This split the race apart with Jack making it into the front group of 7 with Brett and Pete in the chasing group not far behind. Someone went solo off the front group with 2 laps to go and unfortunately everyone was looking at each other to chase. Jack tried to chase the man in front while Brett was trying to chase on the the leading group (sorry Brett) but it was clear the man would not be caught. Jack got himself into position to sprint but on the last corner someone slipped off in front of him causing him to have to skip round the man on the floor. This ruined his sprint but managed to salvage 4th, Brett and Pete managed 9th and 11th respectively.


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